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82% of Runners Experience Injuries


Stomach Issues are the #1 reason Runner's DNF


Are you discouraged with your poor performance?

Mental Toughness

Is your head getting in the way of your performance?

We have you covered.

Do you want to move faster, farther, and injury-free?Coaching all designed to help you reach your endurance goals. Whether you are new to sports, ready to get back into endurance sports or have been training for years, you will benefit from nutrient timing, skills training, Pose Method Running Technique, mobility and flexibility exercises to keep you training at any speed or distance while staying pain-free.

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  • I finished my first metric century and lost 15 pounds and went from a size 8 to a size 3 in 3 short months!
    Sandy A.
  • Carlos - Spartan Race
    If you're looking for a nutrition and training program to help you get on track with your goal, or to prepare for an athletic event, Stephanie is the person you want to work with. I cannot recommend her enough.
    Carlos A.
    Adventure Racer
  • Happy Abbey S.
    I won my age group last year: 13.1 miles in 1:52 for Running with the Bears 1/2 marathon in Greenville, California, thanks to her training! This year, I feel even stronger! I appreciate the fat-adapted information for nutrition training as well as physical training. I am a happy, healthy runner.
    Abbey S.

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