Success story

Today we would like to share a Pose success story and hope it will encourage other Runners to follow the path of running faster and injury free.

Debbie G an accomplished Runner from Phoenix  Arizona has allowed us to share her experience after participating at our last Pose Run Clinic in Scottsdale.

Lets start with a short Bio and her feedback we then show some pictures and you will be seeing a difference in her running form , that was accomplished after only 45 mins of specific Pose drills ! Her homework was / is to practice these drills every day and we are expecting even more improvements. We will follow her journey and keep you updated !

Let the journey begin:

I’m Debbie and have been running since 2005 . I run races ranging from 5K to ultra distance. My training days are 3-4 days a week and sometimes these days are also races. I have placed at local races from a 5K to 50 Miles and 48 hr Races.

I went to the ” Become a better Runner ” Pose technique Clinic and applied what I learned at the Veterans Day race and my practice run. I PR’d at the 10 K race with 7:52 pace , which was faster by 30 sec/ mile. I also increased my speed on my longer training runs , I share this as I know the simple techniques thought by Stephanie B and Stephanie H helped to make this happen. I highly recommend to check them out especially with the Drop in class for $ 10 on Dec 1st at Granada park.

These Images are before and after , as you can see the before image show a locked knee and heel strike , the after picture with slightly bent knee and better foot positioning.

The images 3 and 4 are about timing and pulling, before shows a slow timing and pulling behind , after a few drills the timing and pulling improved.


Now Imagine what one can achieve after practicing the specific drills and improve even more, again these improvements were done after about 45 mins.!!

Please join us for the Pose drill / Drop in class on Dec 1st for only $10 and consider to attend our Become a better Runner in a day Clinic on Dec 8th and / or  Dec 9th ( location TBA)






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