Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running

Treadmill vs Outdoor Running

As winter approaches and more runners are using the treadmill to get their miles in. Do you ever wonder if you run equal to your outside running gait?
Have you ever had your gait analyzed on a treadmill? Does this reflect your true run form?
These are important questions to ask. We have the answer for you. No, your run form is not the same on a treadmill as it is outside.
If you predominately running outside then your gait analysis should be outside/ ground.
By running outside your doing the work on a treadmill the belt is moving beneath you. This affects your natural gate because of limited parameters of the treadmill.
The picture shows the common errors by running on the treadmill. Practitioners who don’t take this into consideration when doing a treadmill analysis can miss or distort problems in your run form.

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