Pose Method vs. ChiRunning

The Pose Method vs. ChiRunning

We often get asked the difference between Pose Method vs. ChiRunning. Both of us, Steph and Steph, have tried out ChiRunning and Pose Method. We are partial to Pose, but that doesn’t mean learning about ChiRunning is not helpful to runners.

The body mechanics of Pose Method vs. ChiRunning are similar. Both techniques emphasize good body alignment. They are similar in the emphasis on the lean to increasing speed. Both have the goal to make running as fast, efficient, and as injury-free as possible.

ChiRunning and the Pose Method use different approaches to achieve similar desired outcomes. The founders of both methods use their unique backgrounds to teach running technique.


Danny Dreyer invented Chi Running out of his experience with TaiChi. The emphasis in Chi Running is to use the physiological, mental and spiritual aspects of TaiChi.  This helps reduce the stress runners put on their bodies.

Pose Method:

Dr. Romanov founded the Pose Method of Running. He is a Russian scientist and coach. The Pose Method is based on movement patterns. Dr. Romanov observing athletes in various sports. He realized their movements were a breakdown of a series of poses. An efficient athlete who moved between each key pose position performed the best.

Dr. Romanov breaks running form into the Pose, the Fall, and the Pull. Gravity is the primary force that propels movement. There are key movements that Dr. Romanov uses to determine how well an athlete moves.

If the runner needs help, corrective exercises and drills are assigned to the athlete. This reprograms the athlete’s technique to move more with efficiency.  

Pose Method vs. ChiRunning Chart


Pose Method vs. ChiRunning uses different systems to achieve similar outcomes. Both techniques have shown to help runners improve their form. One method may work better for you than the other. Keep in mind, learning a new running technique takes around twelve weeks to adapt.

Understanding both methods can help improve running technique. One program may help you more than another. Or the combination may help you. The important part is to find a program that helps you run faster, farther, and injury-free.


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