Crossfit and Running

Crossfit and Running is about as common as peanut butter and jelly. For all their variety, an overwhelming majority of WODs have one constant – running. Most CrossFitters don’t like running, whenever there is running written on the whiteboard, you hear groaning and see a  smaller turnout at class. Does this sound familiar to you?

Funny enough, anyone doing regular CrossFit workouts is already pretty fit. For the most part, they are ahead of most local runners due to their strength conditioning. So realistically, an average CrossFit member can see dramatic improvements in their speed with endurance with improvements to their running technique. Most Crossifter needs a lot less preparation and can significantly improve their running and speed within one training session. How awesome is that?

Like all things in CrossFit, running is a skill that can be learned and improved. It is just a matter of practice and repeating the drills that will improve your running. Are you willing to put the work in? To get it right all you would need is to use the correct technique and then your running workout is just part of another fun day at the box!!

Hundreds of affiliates worldwide figured out that the Pose Method is helping CrossFitters to run – press – run – squat and not fall apart.

How about your box? Do you have running drills and classes? Do you want a Pose Running Class at your box? If so ask your Head Coach to get in contact with us, lets set up a group Pose Run Clinic for your box! No more dreading the “run” at WOD !!

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