Popular Misconceptions in Running

Popular Misconceptions in Running are that running comes naturally. It is true that we are born natural runners. That all changes when we start school and spend our days sitting at a desk. It further complicates matters when we have been given cues that reinforce poor movement patterns.

Understanding and improving running training is part of the Pose Method. In order to improve your technique lets look into some popular running misconceptions :

Active Push Off

You get bouncing movement up and down which is in a different direction from moving forward. The desire to attempt to push happens as a result of wanting to help yourself move faster but you achieve the opposite.

Stride Length

The length of your stride as a result of your angle of falling when you run. When you change the angle, your stride length changes in response to that. Keep your stride short and have a high cadence.

Active Landing

If you watch certain runners, you will notice a certain level of effort and stiffness at their ankle and foot area of the airborne foot that’s about to become the support foot. Pushing your feet down ruins your timing and your rhythm when running. It also opens the door to injuries like shin splints and runner’s knee.


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