MovementFx is an all-in-one training solution for athletes like you who want to have it all. To have a program that sustainable, enjoyable, that makes you faster and keeps you healthy.


Train like you mean it!

 At MovementFx, our mission is simple: to help you, the athletes, move faster, farther, and to remain injury free.

Everyone is an athlete quote

MovementFx is an all-in-one training solution for athletes, just like you. We offer clinics, courses, and coaching that focus on form, function, and technique.

We are big believers in the Pose Method and the teachings of Dr. Romanov's teachings. We use the latest science to help our athletes perform at their best.

Our programs work with you, where you are at now, and take you to where you want to be.

It doesn't matter if you are you a beginning athletes, starting your first 5K or an Ultra-Runner tackling your next 100-miler. We give athletes the tools, coaching, and community you need to succeed.

We never share or sell your information...not ever. 

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Because you’re here, we want you to join our community.

We share valuable information to help athletes on the benefits of a balanced body, information on movement technique and form, how to fuel, how to train, the best ways to recover, and ramping up for your big event.

Let MovementFx help you from the start to the finish line.

To your health,

–Stephanie Holbrook and Stephanie Buettner, MovementFx Co-Founders

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