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Become a Better Runner: Technique & Injury Prevention Clinic

Do you want to run faster, farther, and injury-free?

It either hurts to run, or you are not able to break through that plateau in your distance or speed training. We can improve your running so you *won't hurt* and so that you can run longer and faster!

Come learn *how to* run (better)!
Come get Video Analysis done of your running and learn drills and exercises to improve it!
Come get your mind blown, and get the opportunity to change how you look at running forever!

The 2 Stephanies have 5 things to teach you in this 2-hour clinic that you absolutely cannot miss, whether you are a newbie to running or a seasoned speedster.

Using their unique experience as running coaches, bodyworkers, endurance, and tri-athletes - plus their insider knowledge provided by multiple technique specialties - Stephanie Buettner and Stephanie Holbrook help you learn 5 easy self-assessments and related exercises to optimize your running and minimize injury risk.

What to Expect- Posture assessment to determine injury prone muscle imbalances- Multiple video analyses during the seminar- Strength condition circuit for runners- Running-specific warm-up & cool down- Identify & Correct Running Technique Errors

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