Debbie G.

Debbie G

Debbie G

Today we would like to share a Pose success story and hope it will encourage other Runners to follow the path of running faster and injury free.

Debbie G an accomplished Runner from Phoenix  Arizona has allowed us to share her experience after participating at our last Pose Run Clinic in Scottsdale.

Lets start with a short Bio and her feedback we then show some pictures and you will be seeing a difference in her running form , that was accomplished after only 45 mins of specific Pose drills ! Her homework was / is to practice these drills every day and we are expecting even more improvements. We will follow her journey and keep you updated !

Let the journey begin:

I’m Debbie and have been running since 2005 . I run races ranging from 5K to ultra distance. My training days are 3-4 days a week and sometimes these days are also races. I have placed at local races from a 5K to 50 Miles and 48 hr Races.

I went to the ” Become a better Runner ” Pose technique Clinic and applied what I learned at the Veterans Day race and my practice run. I PR’d at the 10 K race with 7:52 pace , which was faster by 30 sec/ mile. I also increased my speed on my longer training runs , I share this as I know the simple techniques thought by Stephanie B and Stephanie H helped to make this happen. I highly recommend to check them out especially with the Drop in class for $ 10 on Dec 1st at Granada park.

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